Joe Cocker(See Sessions for Producer/Composer discography)

Joe Cocker, “Mad Dogs and Englishmen (live)” A&M Records June 1970 double LP and cassette

Paul Williams, Studio recordings in 1970

Kenny Rogers, Studio recordings in 1970

Gabriel Mecklar, Studio recordings in 1970 (Gabriel is the producer for major Janis Joplin hits)

David Rivkin, Studio recordings in 1970 (David is also known as “David Z”, the producer of Prince’s first 7 albums)

Spooky Tooth, “The Last Puff” LP on both Island and A&M Records 1970

Jack Daugherty, “Class of 71” Studio recordings in 1971 (Jack is the producer of all the hits for the Carpenters)

Aztec Two Step, “Aztec Two Step” LP Electra Records 1972

David Foster, “Skylark” LP Capitol Records 1972

Severin Browne, “New Improved” LP Motown Records 1974 “Love Songs” LP Mowest Records 1974

Arlo Guthrie, “Together in Concert (live with Pete Seger)” LP May 1975

Jackson Browne, “For Everyman” Asylum Records December 1973

Mark Almond, “Mark Almond ’73” 1973

Jesse Ed Davis, “Keep on Coming” Asylum Records 1973

Tim Weisberg, “Tim Weisberg” A&M Records 1974 “Listen to the City” A&M Records 1975

Jay Gruska, studio recordings 1975 (Jay is TV & Film songwriter, Sisters, Thirty Something, The Principle, Mo Money)

Danny “Kooch” Kortchmar, Studio recordings in 1976

Bob Crewe, Studio recordings in 1977

Dr John, “Hollywood Know Thy Name” United Artists 1975 “City Lights” Horizon Records 1978

Rick Vito, Studio recordings in 1977

The Captain & Tennille, “Do It To Me One More Time” 1979

Don Costa, Studio recordings in 1979 (Don was the producer and arranger for Frank Sinatra)

Gladys Knight, Studio recording in 1980

Don Randi, “California Dreaming”, “If It’s All Night, It’s All Right”, “New Baby” (Grammy nominee), “Don’t Look Back” 1989

Tom Grant, “Just the Right Moment” CD 1988

Craig Carothers & The Nerve, “Green House FX” CD Silent Records 1990

Dale Van Wormer Band, “So Good” CD Dale Van Wormer Music (ASCAP) 1992

Willamette Week, “1993 Waterfront Blues Festival” (Lloyd Jones / Linda Hornbuckle) CD Burnside Records 1993

Lloyd Jones Struggle, “Trouble Monkey” CD Audio Quest Music 1995

Ramsey Embick, “Getting Your Feet Wet” CD Piquant Records 1996

Paul Jones, “All My Friends Can Sing” CD Criminal Records 1997

Dan Faehnle, “My Ideal” CD Pillar Records 1997

Carol Rossio, “French Mix” CD Carol Rossio Records 1998

Bobby Torres Ensemble, “It’s Heaven I Surmise” CD 2003

Tom Varley, “Eta: Manana” CD Independent label 2003

Tom Varley “SunEmployment” CD Independent label 2004

Tom Varley “SunEmployment” CD Independent label 2004

Barbara Lusch, “Barbara Lusch” self titled CD Independent label 2004

Barbara Lusch, “Surprisingly Good for You” CD Independent label 2006

Kate Davis “A Kate Davis Holiday” 2009, CD

Ty Curtis Band “Cross That Line” 2010 CD

Paul Jones 2010—CD in mixing, release TBA

Monti Amundson 2010-CD in recording, release TBA

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