Recording Sessions

Linda Hornbuckle

[For a complete list of recordings on which Bobby played, see Discography]

Johnny Bristol, “When the Fire is Burning” album: Production Coordinator (also musician)

Margie Joseph, “Soul Deep” album: Production Coordinator and Co-Authored the song “How Will I Know?” (also musician)

Don Randi, “Baked Potato Shuffle” album: Co-produced & Co-Authored song “Carlito Lindo”, Alfa Moon Records, 1988 (also musician)

Marilyn Scott, “God Only Knows”: Produced this hit song which reached the Billboard Charts Top 100 (also musician)

Linda Hornbuckle & No Delay, “Soul Diva Meets the Blues Monsters” album: Produced the songs “Hound Dog” & “I Can’t Stand the Rain”

Bobby Torres, motion picture “Juice”: Composed, Recorded, Produced songs “Bodega Juice” & “Pump Me Up” (also musician)

Swing Line Cubs, “On the Street” album: Composed and Recorded song “Not on Your Life” (also musician) (independent) 1996

Land of the Blind, “One Eye” album: Produced the songs “Michael” and “Calling All Angels”, Rainforest Records, 1994 (also musician on album)

KMHD, compilation CD “Proximity Volume 1”: Composed and Recorded song “On Burnside”, 21 Cent records, 1998 (also musician on album)

Bobby Torres Ensemble, “It’s Heaven I Surmise” CD 2003, produced CD and composed the title track

Barbara Lusch, Bobby produced her 2004 CD entitled “Barbara Lusch.”

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